Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

Family Housing

The Group designed this residential development for CALA Homes on land formally part of the Shrewsbury Royal Hospital site. The scheme was the winner of a competitive bid managed by the Homes & Communities Agency in which design was a material consideration.

The layout for 112 dwellings includes a landscaped public amenity space to mirror the frontage on the opposite side of Mytton Oak Road and enhance the setting of Mytton Villa, a Grade II statutorily listed building. The larger houses are arranged to define this open space and provide surveillance of the pedestrian routes and children’s play area. Beyond the frontage, the dwellings are grouped in a pattern of courtyards and the design objective has been to maximise the use of shared surfaces to provide a sense of intimacy in the spaces between buildings, give priority to pedestrians and cyclists, and provide a high degree of traffic calming.